AI Face Recognition Terminal

SpeedFace 5 SE is the face recognition product with high performance and high reliability, which depends on the deep learning algorithm, also having the characteristics of quick recognition speed and high accuracy. This product supports 1:1 and 1:N mode, with embedded card reader.


N - BM 70W PRO

N-BM70W Pro focus on the concept of unique features to give a gratifying experience.

Moreover the design with an edgy look makes it a head turner.

Accurate face verification that doesnt compromise in the matter of distance or light.

Price: Rs. 12000/-


Wireless Biometric Attendance System Biometric Attendance Management System (BAMS), a wireless equipment specially designed for security and proxy Attendance control. This portable and the hassle-free biometric system comes with a superior quality finger sensor and can be deployed easily anywhere in the organizations, shopping malls, etc. to monitor their workforce Attendance status, replacing the manual entries that may lead to human deceptions. As it works in a collaborative environment, it can be integrated with any kind of existing or forthcoming applications, either static or cloud. These biometric systems help the management to track their employees’ presence accurately anytime as it can transfer all the entries at one shot. 

Price: Rs. 14000/-